Book 2, Chapter 1: The Two Rashids

One Day Brigora, Framata, Pandra, and Ladaria were having a meeting concerning the battle, When iron bars slammed down over the quartz archway leading into the throne room. That was the only exit. They were trapped. Everyone except Brigora panicked. Brigora cooly rose from her seat on the throne, donned her silver crown and walked towards the gate. She alone could see a man with black hair and a blonde girl, standing on the other side of the bars. The man had a crown. It was black with red jewels embedded on the points.
He said, “I am Eliah, king of evil.”
The little girl said, “Daddy, don’t do this to her.”
Eliah said, “Be quiet Zia,” and with that he strode away. Brigora walked back to the girls who had by now, calmed down. She walked to a chest in the room and opened the lid. She extracted four blankets and laid them out on the floor.
“Why are you being so quiet Brigora?” asked Pandra.
“I am thinking,” said Brigora slowly, and Pandra knew she wanted to concentrate. Brigora then said, We might as well get comfy, we might be here a while.” Framata reached into her bag and withdrew some grapes. She passed them around. Brigora sighed. She was trapped again.


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