Chapter 30: The Plan

Kailer and Brigora’s horses jolted to a halt in front of “The Flock of Geese” and saw Framata, Ladaria, Sae and a girl whose shirt said “Aiela” in big letters.
Kailer rushed over to them and said, “We will gather Pandra, and then we will go and fight lord Nefarious and Lord Veesa in Fseacia. It has been renamed “Nefariousville”.” Sae screamed and hid behind Ladaria. Sae was very nervous since the disappearance of her sister.
“Not you Sae,” said Ladaria.
“Lets go get Pandra,” said Kailer.
Brigora said, “Yes, Let’s. But first let’s have a good nights sleep. I haven’t had one of those in days.”

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