Chapter 11: Training Time Pandra

Just when Brigora, Framata, and Ladaria were about to go looking for Pandra in the busy city of Fseacia, a servant came scurrying towards them. He said “Queen Brigora, pardon my intrusion but a mere peasant by the name of Pandra Rodengloss came to the palace claiming to have the right to speak to you, your honor.”
“That girl is my friend. Bring her out here.” Brigora said icily. The servant scuttled backwards into the palace, bowing at every third step.
A while later the servant arrived with Pandra. She looked happier than at her seventh birthday party. She happily exclaimed
“The Sar Din Dae say if I train, I can be one of them!” Pandra’s loud voice caused passersby to look and consider her sanity. She said “I am going to train,” Brigora ran over and hugged her old friend, tears welling in her eyes.
“I will miss you,” Brigora said with a scratchy throat.