Chapter 21: Coe and Sae

After Framata’s encounter with Daesa, Tiefadi, Ladaria, and Framata had decided to move along to a place called Alaentu. On their way their way there they saw two sisters with auburn hair, scared out of their wits. Ladaria went over and kindly asked their names. They were Coe and Sae. After a brief talk with the children, Ladaria had arranged for her to adopt the girls. Coe was nine, and Sae was six.
By the next day the kids were calling Ladaria “momma”. Coe loved playing with Framata, and Tiefadi’s excitement was just what Sae wanted.

After an long day, Tiefadi came bounding into Framata’s room, curls bouncing.
“Outside there is a carriage leaving for Alaentu in 5 minutes.”

Five minutes was not enough time.

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  1. Dear Brooklynn,
    You are a non stop writer and reader. You can spell lots of stuff like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Well I guess I can to I have not read all of your chapter but i will try I have only read chapter one .

    You friend Jorja( Homer porky tigey)

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