Chapter 19: The Test

Pandra was walking down the hallways when a Sar Din Dae came to her and said, “Please come with me.”
“Why?” Pandra asked.
“You are to be tested to see if you are ready to become a Sar Din Dae, girl.” Pandra’s mouth dropped open from amazement, but she quickly closed it.
“Finally,” She whispered happily, and allowed some spring into her step. While the Sar Din Dae was guiding her deeper and deeper into the fortress, they passed Iva. They waved at each other. The Sar Din Dae said,
“My name is Fela, Pandra. We are almost there,” Pandra nodded. She was beginning to feel nervous. What would there be? She thought. Other girls they passed probably thought she was crazy, because she was half laughing and half crying (from happiness of course).

They stopped walking in a Large stone chamber. In the middle of the room there was a swirling purple mist, in the shape of an oval. Fela said, “When you step through the mist, you shall see projections, hallucinations, of dear things or people in trouble. You must use your magic to do the best you can to stop whatever problem there is from happening.”
Pandra did not wait. She stepped nervously through the mist.
In the mist she saw Framata fighting merte and failing at winning. Pandra cast lightning bolts into the sea of merte, pushed on by panic. When she had disintegrated all the mertes she ran towards Pandra, but before she reached her the world inside the mist started fading.
When the mist had fully evaporated she stood in the chamber again and Fela was smiling down on her.
“You have done exceedingly well, not just defeating the mertes but proceeding to help your friend. You, Pandra Rodengloss, you are a Sar Din Dae!”
What about Iva?” Pandra asked. “She isn’t a Sar Din Dae yet.”
Fela answered, “Oh yes, Ivatan is being tested right after you.”

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