Chapter 16: An Annoying Addition

Ladaria, Framata, and to Framata’s dissapointment, Daesa were staying at an inn called The Flock of Geese. They all got their own room, but the rooms were the tiniest things ever. There was a bed and a table and that was it. The only reason they had stayed here was because it was the cheapest inn to be found in the expensive city of Dadan Sae.
There was a knock on Framata’s door, who said “Can I come in,” Framata replied
“Sure,” A girl with shiny brown curls sprouting out of her head came in.
“My name is Tiefadi,” She said “What is yours?”
“Framata,” Replied Framata.
“I have a room here in the inn too!” Exclaimed Tiefadi. This girl is way to easily excited for my liking thought Framata.
“See you later,” said Framata uneasily. This girl pushed her off the edge.
“Yes and we can eat lunch together and go to the fair! I can’t wait!” said Tiefadi. “I will travel with you everywhere!”

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