Chapter 15: Earth to Brigora!

Brigora awoke in her bed, Pandra gazing at her with worry stricken faces. She was lying in bed. Her side was agonizing. I guess that is the place I was struck she thought. Stella was rummaging in her bag for something. Suddenly Pandra said excitedly
“Look Stella, she is awake!” Everyone completely ignored her except from a hushing sound from Symbol. Symbol was enjoying her new snow powers by casting snowflakes everywhere.
“Can you stop with the snow,” asked Stella.
“I am making her comfortable,” said Symbol huffily.
“Nice excuse,” said Stella. Then Brigora said weakly, in barely a whisper
“Hey guys, I am alive here,” forcing a smile onto her pale face. It startled everyone, and Symbol shot ice everywhere, which melted almost immediately, causing a small flood. Brigora allowed herself a small joking laugh at Symbol.

“Yep you are,” said Pandra.

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