Chapter 14: Pikklas and Mertes

Suddenly Pikklas and Mertes burst into the throne room. Brigora cast a small grin at the new little queen.
“Are you ready for this?” Asked Brigora.
“Ready for anything,” Replied the Symbol.
Brigora and Symbol fought for their lives. Fireballs and snowballs were flying in blue and red blurs everywhere. It all happened so fast. When they had finished the girls were sweating and shaking. Brigora collapsed on the floor, in a crumpled pile. Her breathing was slow, unlike human breathing was supposed to be.
Symbol said grimly ” I’d better go get Stella. This doesn’t look good,” Then she sprinted to Balford, the place where Symbols friend, Stella was being trained as a healer.
Lights were flashing before Brigora’s eyes. It was taking all of her strength not to blackout.
When Symbol got back she was with Stella, and Pandra. A look of worry crosses Pandra’s face. Pandra screamed with worry. And then she went under.

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