Chapter 9: Fseacia

After a long day of riding in Brigora’s coach that she had made out of ice they could finally see Fseacia. “It is freezing in here,”shivered Ladaria.
“Uh Duh it is made out of ice,” said Framata. They rode into the city and were greeted by cheers of “Snow ghotame, snow ghotame!” Brigora stepped out of the ice carriage and was followed by her friends. She asked a nearby villager
“Can you give me directions to the Fseacian palace?” The villager squeaked the directions then ran of to tell his friend that a ghotame had asked him for help. The girls climbed back into the coach to begin making their way to the palace,” Pandra said.
“Why are we going to the palace?” Brigora replied.
“I am sure that King Eldane would like to know if I am here, by then they had arrived at the palace gates,” Brigora said.
“I am going in by myself, and don’t you worry yourself, I am a ghotame and I can deal with him if I have to,” at the last part Brigora grimaced. She had always dreamed of having powers as a little girl, but never for killing or harming other people.
When she got into the throne room the Eldane said, “Ah yes I have been expecting a ghotame,” as if nothing was out of the usual. The king also said, “Fseacia has been ruled by a long line of kings. Do you not think it should be ruled by a queen? Fseacia is getting out of order and the peasants are not following my laws. I was wondering if you would like to be Queen of Fseacia?” he asked, taking the crown off of his head and offering it to her. The crown of Fseacia was silver leaves intrically molded and shaped.
Brigora asked,”But what will you do?”
“Ah I have always wanted to be an adventurer,”

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