Chapter 6: Prison Break!

Again, even in prison Ladaria was doing her makeup again. It was hard for the rest of them to sleep that night because Ladaria was using one of those noisy sprayers on her hair.
“Hey Ladaria, cut back on the makeup will you? We are trying to sleep here.” Grumbled Brigora sarcastically.
“okay Ms. Impatient stand away from the door” Replied Ladaria. She rummaged around in her bag for a while then pulled out a bobby pin and reached through the bars, inserting the pin into the lock. She fumbled with it for a while but then the door swung open. Ladaria put a finger to her mouth as Pandra was about to say something and Pandra just gave her thumbs up. They snuck out of the prison and bumped into something big and fat, it was master Sunwell.
“Oof,” he said as they bumped into them. The girls were heavier than they looked he thought. Framata heard a merte
“Run!”shouted Framata and they all took of sprinting down the corridors.
When they saw daylight again they were panting and Master Sunwell said,
“I was- how could- we thought!”
“Yeah yeah yeah, We are not dead,” said Ladaria.
“Um guys,” said Framata nervously,”turn around,” They all looked behind them and saw the biggest merte ever.

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