Chapter 5: Away We Go Again

Brigora and Ladaria were riding through the dark forest. Dusk was coming and a large bed of snow blanketed the forest floor, muffling their horses footsteps. Breaking the uncomfortable silence that had developed as they rode Ladaria’s sleepy voice said with a yawn,”When do you think we will get there Brigora?”
“I dunno but maybe we should stop for a rest,” Replied an equally tired Brigora as she tied Destiny to a oak wood tree and Ladaria did the same with her horse.
Out of Ladaria’s petite pink beach bag she produced a robe, eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish. Brigora gave her an impressed look and Ladaria laughed and said, “And that isn’t all.” As Ladaria started doing her makeup Brigora got out all her cloaks and snuggled into them to get ready for sleep.

The scariest thing Pandra Rodengloss had ever experienced was night in a prison cell. Framata seemed to have gotten to sleep easily. She must have had a hard time with the merte Thought Pandra. All night long Pandra had turned and twisted in her bindings. Being tied up did not Bother Framata nearly as much as it did her. She shivered as the night patrol of merte walked solemly past the iron bars on her cell.

In the morning Pandra and Framata woke to the sound of their prison door creaking open. Bound as well, Ladaria and Brigora were thrown in. They certainly looked like they had put up more of a fight than she. Framata just pulled them out of the way as the door swung shut with a loud bang. It took Pandra the whole day to undo Ladaria but Framata undid Brigora in less than a hour. Or so she thought. Time worked much differently here. When they were free of their ropes they sat and massaged their wrists and ankles.
“We are going to die in here,” Wailed Framata Dramaticaly. Ladaria smiled.
“I still have the stuff I packed,” said Ladaria mysteriously.

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