Pyjama Day

A couple days ago we had pyjama day where you could bring a guy (what I call a stuffy) wear pyjamas and a house coat. It was so much fun!   At the end of the day we had this fun game where when the music is going you dance with your guy and when it stops you fall asleep on the floor then they eliminate three people at a time.   Jason did a tango with his big bear and he won.

After we had all the prizes had been handed out (for most colorful pajamsa largest and smallest guy) everybody went down to the library to pick out a book to buddy read with a partner.   Then the day was over. Thank you so much to the students council for organizing this wonderful day!

We Had A Great time!

All about Aes Sedai

For the book the stories are saying Aes Sedai are witches and are sometimes called the witches of Tar Valon. When you are a teenager and you have the one power in you you are taken to the white tower to train. On your way there you train every night.

When you get there you are a novice and you are not allowed out of the tower. When you are powerful enough you can be raised to the accepted.

To do that you have to face your fears three times. Then you get to wear a white dress with seven bands of colour around the waist. You also get a golden ring and on it there is a golden serpent biting its tail. Then you live in the accepted quarters. When you are powerful enough you are raised to Aes Sedai.

To do that you have to channel under pressure, recieve the shawl, take oaths and choose your ajah.

Summer And the New School Year

I had a good time over the summer but I am glad it is school again. In summer I went to Big Lake a lot, played in the sprinkler almost every day, went to Mayne Island, and went to the Dunroven Farm. All in all, I think my summer was pretty awesome. Was your summer lots of fun as well as mine? What was your favourite part of summer?

Even though I love summer, school is pretty awesome too. I like doing math in Ms. Lansdowne’s class and I get a cool math program called Mathletics instead of Dreambox. I wanted to take french this year but Ms. Lansdowne already has 27 kids for it.

My sister, Sierra LOVES “Big School” and she says her favourite parts are playing outside and doing centers with Ms.Nessbit.