Next Year’s Principal

Next year’s principal is mommy. Because of that she has to go away for lots of meetings as well as the ones she has to do for being a teacher. Even though she is the principal she still gets to teach. This week she has to go away for two days and next week she has to go for three. That is all I know. The substitutes we sometimes have when mommy is away are Mr. Burrows, Mr. Wheeler, and Ms. Quigly. We have had all of them in the last three weeks because mommy had a meeting like three weeks ago. I can’t wait until mom is principal.

Wheel of Time 2

Wheel of Time is a really good book that I just started reading. It is about a teenager boy named Rand. The beginning of the Wheel of Time starts like this: So every time the wheel turns around completely it is a new age. There is no beginning nor end to the wheels cycle, but there was a beginning. The places in it are Taren Ferry, Deven Ride, Emonds field, Westwood, Waterwood, the white tower, Caemlyn, Baerlon, Cairhienin, Tar Valon, and Tear so far.

Tar Valon is where all the Aes Sedai, Novices, and Accepted live in the white tower located in Tar Valon.

Emonds Field is where Rand lives until he has to go of on a adventure with Mat, Perrin, Thom, Egwene, Moirane, and Lan.

Tear is where the heart of stone is located which holds a Angreal that Rand, the dragon reborn aes sedai must use.

Caemlyn, Baerlon, and Cairhienin are citys.

Taren Ferry and Deven Ride are towns.

Westwood and Waterwood are areas near Emonds Field.

The Dragons Prophecies that I know:
Once the heron to set his path, twice the heron to name him true.

The dragon reborn must use Callandor the crystal sword, the sword that is not a sword, or the sword that cannot be touched.

Wheel of Time

In Wheel of Time:
Aes Sedai are magical people (Pronounced ie sudie)

Most aes sedai are girls because in the breaking of the world or the age of legends the dark ones taint went

Shai tan, Balzamon, and the dark one all mean the evilest most powerful revolting half human you can possibly imagine (Pronounced shy tan and bayl zamon)

Darkfriends are people who serve the dark one

A amyrliyn is the ruler of aes sedai (pronounced omerlin)

Drakar are like evil oversized bats

Trollocs are like monsters

A novice is a beginner Aes sedai

A accepted is the stage in between novice and Aes sedai

A Angreal is something that lets you use more of the power without killing yourself