My Harry Potter Birthday Party

This is a video of what happened at my birthday party.

for presents I got an orange man, a sewing book, a glow in the dark Frisbee, strawberry hair pretty, skipping rope, 99 1/2 Animal Jokes Riddles and Nonsense, Deep Snow by Robert Munsch, Ella Enchanted book, mirror and that is all I can remember right now.

I had a great birthday party.

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  1. Dear Brooklynn,

    Thank you for invited me to your party. It was the best birthday party ever! The funniest was making the potion – the troll snot! I remember you put your hand in it and you said it felt like brains. Thank you again.

    See you at school tomorrow. Bye.

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Brooklynn,
    I really had fun at the birthday. it was really hard not to laugh when your mom put the hat on me because it was funny how it talked. Then it said huflepuff !! it was hard not to laugh. I really like the video

    Your classmate

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