AJ Eagle February


Minecraft is my favourite computer game. In Minecraft you can build lots of things. There are lots of kinds of blocks you can use to build like jungle wood, diamond, and green wool. I would guess there are at least one hundred different blocks you can use in Minecraft. The blocks I use for houses most are wood planks and bricks. To place blocks, right click on top of another block. To get rid of blocks, left click on the block you want to destroy. Things like glowstone can be used as a decoration. Glowstone glows.

In Minecraft there are lots of mobs (monsters). Herobrine is one of the mobs. He haunts people. If you see him he will attack you. If you attack him he will blow your things up with TNT. He looks like a normal Minecraft person, but he has white eyes. He can also spawn zombies (another type of mob) in front of you. The most common, and easiest to defeat, mobs are zombies. You can kill them with almost anything. Another mob is a creeper. If you get too close to a creeper it will explode destroying the blocks around it, and you unless you get away fast! There are lots of mobs, but the A.J. Eagle does not have enough room to hold them all!
In Minecraft you can make your own things using a method called crafting. For instance, go to your crafting table and put a bowl in the middle of the bottom row. Then put a mushroom above it and you will get mushroom stew. You can make things like anvils and you can also dye a bunch of colours of wool. I love Minecraft!