My Pets

On my blog I have three pets. The monkey is named Leeta. The mink thing is named Reesen. The spider is named Aragog.

When I tried to get rid of Peeper it got rid of everything so I had to get three new ones. To see my pets scroll down until you find them.

You can feed Leeta a banana. You can feed Reesen a bowl of treats or an egg. You can feed Aragog a fly.

To see the food drag you mouse over the tab that says “more”. Click on the piece of food to pick it up. For the egg put it over Reesen’s mouth and click until the egg has been eaten. For the treats pick it up and click the ground. For the fly just click on it in the “more” tab. For the banana pick it up and click anywhere in Leeta’s Area.

I love my pets!!!!!

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