Christmas chains

A while ago we made Christmas chains.

Every night we rip one link of the chain. It is a week until Christmas! We made the chains out of cut up Christmas wrapping paper. All different kinds of it. I love making chains.


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  1. Dear Brooklynn,
    I’m so glad that you like making Christmas chains. I remember doing this every year with Grandma, Papa, and Uncle Kel. I loved watching the chain get shorter and shorter the closer we got to Christmas. I wonder if you will make chains with your kids when you grow up.


  2. Dear Brooklynn,

    It’s great that you like making chains. We made chains in November about things we are thankful for. Devika

    What’s your favorite color? At Christmas I went to the Philippines. It was really hot. Did you go somewhere? SeaBi

    Do you have a best friend? CIndy

    What did you do at Christmas? Nykolas

    What is your favorite food? Hugo

    At CHristmas I go to a snowy place. Mae

  3. Dear Mrs. Hino’s class,
    Thank you for leaving me a comment! Devika, I make chains to count down the days to Christmas. SeaBi, My favourite colour is pink. At Christmas I stay here in Sointula. Cindy, my best friends are Bronwen, Teagan, Taegan, and May. Nykolas, For Christmas I got a sewing machine. Hugo, My favourite food is sushi. Mae, That is cool that at Christmas you go to a snowy place.


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