Fire Near Kaleva Road

This weekend a fire was reported in the woods on Kaleva Road, around Second Point Beach. The fire department put it out.

My dad found another spot smoldering tonight, not far from the last one. My dad and I went to check it (it is June 10’th 2012 8:10). My dad is a volunteer firefighter in Sointula.

We believe the cause of this fire was that somebody went out for a weenie roast on the beach and forgot to put out their fire!

To put out the fire tonight we used fifty pound water bags and a shovel to turn over the forest floor.

When we went to check it, it was not smoking too bad, but it was still hot. Daddy said it could have been smoldering for weeks.

My advice is that people should remember to put out their fires before they leave the beach to help prevent forest fires. One little ember can become a big fire!

Pictures of the fire are included in the slideshow below:

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