Come To Sointula!

Come to Sointula where you can see a wonderful view of mountains and valleys.

You can also go biking down the hills at top speed.

You can fly kites at the beacon and pick beautiful daisies in spring.

You can swim in the ocean and play in the many forests and trails. One of the best things is that you can pick raspberries and tiny wild strawberries from marvelous  gardens.

You can climb and play in the pine trees and go to magnificent parks.

You can play and splash in puddles and make a giant mess.

You can go running around giant lands of greenery and dance around in the rain.

You can go to the harbour an ride your boat around the island once or twice, then you can go have a picnic under a alder tree.

In the early morning you can play outside in the dewey grass.

At midday you can enjoy the sun shining brightly and at night time you can see the stars shining as bright as the lightest light bulbs.

Hear the waves splashing by the oceanside .

Come to Sointula today!

Eat Healthy!

What do you like to eat? Well it doesn’t really depend on that, does it? No! Eat what your body likes.

You shouldn’t be eating to much junk food like chocolate and cupcakes. If you think so, your answer is wrong. If you eat to much candy bad things can happen like you getting sick. And sometimes it can even change your personality. Try eating healthy things like cucumbers and peppers.

Thanks for reading and healthy eating.