Science Fair

In a few days it is going to be science fair. In science fair you make a science project. I think my project is going to be extracting DNA from fruits and veggies. We’re going to borrow some test tubes from this guy (they’re real)! Have you ever done this project?(a month time space).

Today is the science fair. Now I am sure I am extracting DNA from lemon, strawberry, and banana.

I have DNA set up with my backboard in the gym. I have a candy model of the double helix. I cant wait till judging time. It is going to be so fun. After lunch visitors are allowed in the gym. My grandma, my dad, and my sister are going to be there. Normally no people are allowed in the gym (like that). Its a treat for me to see my grandma at school.
I really like my project. It was the best. Do you like my project?

I learned:
That lemon doesn’t work the best for this experiment. DNA is like blueprints. Thanks for reading!


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